ZOTAC StarCraft II EU Cup #128


ca BaseTradeTV (446 Viewers)
ru EmpireTV with ZERG
pl EmSc2Tv
fr Millenium TV (0 Viewers)
Prize: 100,- €

Cup-Start: 14.10.2012, 14:00 CEST
Check-in: 60 minutes before start

172 of 512 possible players take part

News: ZOTAC Cup team is looking for you!

StarCraft II and the ZOTAC Cups have been around for quite some time and with the next ZOTAC SC2 Season Final coming up soon, did you ever wonder how it would be like behind the scenes? Have you ever been interested in becoming an tournament admin and help participants from all around the world? Then do not hesitate and have a look! Read...

News: Season 2 Finals announced - 27th to 29th of August

Since the season 2 of the ZOTAC SC2 Cup is over, the ranking is final! The second season final this year is taking place at the end of August, featuring the 16 best players from the weekly ZOTAC SC2 Cup. Read...

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ZOTAC Season 3 Ranking (Jul - Sep)

1ru t Happy24
2kr p First10
3kr t YoDa9
4ua z Bly7
5pl t DieStar5
6fr t MarineLord5
7se z Miniraser5
8pl z Nerchio5
9nl p Grubby3
10ua t Kas3
11ru p Strange3
12ru t Creed2
13ru p DMC2
14ru z LiveZerg2
15kr t MMA2
16fr p PsiOniC2
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