ZOTAC StarCraft II EU Cup #112


ru EmpireTV with ZERG
pl EmSc2Tv
ua NaVi-gaming.com
Prize: 100,- €

Cup-Start: 24.06.2012, 14:00 CEST
Check-in: 60 minutes before start

252 of 512 possible players take part

News: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Another year comes to an end, a year with a lot of tournaments and exciting matches in the ZOTAC Cups. Also it is time to look back and have a little recap. Read...

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ZOTAC Season 4 Ranking (Oct - Dec)

1ru t Happy18
2kr p First11
3ua t Kas10
4pl z Nerchio10
5fr p lilbow10
6ru z sLivko10
7ru z Revolver9
8ru p Cooltea8
9fr t MarineLord8
10pl z elazer7
11kr p eMotion6
12kr t ForGG5
13kr t Polt5
14ua z Bly4
15ua p Fraer4
16fr p jeysen3
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